Synthesis Results

Once the synthesis process finishes successfully, all partially defined AST expressions (synthesis primitives) will be replaced by a concrete normal AST expression.

Export the synthesis result

The synthesis result can be exported and archived into a machine-readable format. To export the whole model:


To export only the state update function of one single state:

m.exportOne(m.get_next('state_var_name'), 'file_name.txt')

When exported, the state update function (expression) is the conjunction of the state update functions under all provided instructions.

Import the synthesis result

To import the whole model from a file:

m = ila.Abstraction('placholder_name')

You can also import a single state update function (or any expression):

some_expression = m.importOne('file_name.txt')

Synthesis result in ILAng

To utilize the synthesis result (from Python environment) in your C++ project using ILAng, an ILA model can be automatically constructed from the exported result:

#include <ilang/synth-interface/synth_engine_interface.h>
auto m = ilang::ImportSynthAbsFromFile("result.txt", "ila_name");